Thursday, February 16, 2012

What is your opinion of community investment in the arts?

Photo credit:  Shakopee Valley News / Shannon Fiecke
In today's Shakopee Valley News here's a very good recap of last week's Shakopee city council meeting at which we made our first proposal for using the old fire station as a community art center. Mostly, the conversation was positive. The council moved to table putting the fire station up for sale. Councilor Matt Lehman, however, opposes the idea.

“I’m not in favor of my tax dollars subsidizing the arts. I don’t think that’s government’s responsibility.” stated Councilor Lehman.

Feel free to let Councilor Lehman know your opinion on the civic value of art.

Councilor Matt Lehman -

Feel free to CC the rest of the council members and mayor as well as I'm sure they will be interested in hearing your opinions:

Mayor Brad Tabke -

Councilor Steven Clay -

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  1. In watching the video of the city council meeting, I'm afraid that main purpose for the proposal may have gotten missed.

    What we are really trying to accomplish here is economic development and reinvention of a dying part of town.

    Fostering the arts just happens to be a very good tool, historically and currently to accomplish this. Especially with the success of area arts businesses like the Eagle Creek Quilt Shop and the growing arts community in Shakopee.

    It is civic investment through the smart use of a city owned property that we are asking for.

    Responsible use of tax payers' investments and community assets like this building is extremely important.

    Selling short the property to sit in the commercial real estate limbo that exists in that part of town would be very unfortunate.