Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 3 Meeting notes

1. Discussed having cultural events in Fire Station. Believe this center would be a perfect place for all cultures in Shakopee to come together and not have a separation of races and cultures. She believes it could be a place for kids in the community to have a positive place to participate in art and classes. Right now there is not a place for talented Hispanic kids to feel like they have an avenue to express their art, so right now they are referring the kids to the Pillsbury House in Minneapolis if they are artists because they have artistic opportunities for kids there. Shakopee has 36 different languages in the school district. Marty stated a Latino after school program a few years ago. It began with 12 kids, and now it is over 100 kids. She held a Halloween party for these kids and around 50 kids attended out at Jackson Town Hall (they couldn’t find an affordable place to hold the event, and the schools and churches would not offer their locations). During Christmas, she held a Posada. They had it at 200 people show up and it was a potluck. She said that for the Hispanic community, festivals, parties and food bring their community together, and this venue would be a perfect place to bridge different cultures together through these types of events. She added that this could be a way to tie the local Hispanic businesses within the community by donating services and food for local events in the center.

2. We aren’t sure what this thing is going to evolve into, but we would like it to have a focus on the arts and community, just like the other community center is focused on athletics and recreation. To have a place where these things can form and grow.

3. 6 years she was part of starting the Savage Arts Council. They started the Scott County Art Crawl 3 years ago, and this summer they will be holding an event at The Landing. She stressed that they aren’t necessarily centric to just Savage, but rather are focused on regional programming. Also, they aren’t concerned about territory, it’s about the programming.

She suggests that our group needs to maybe think about having our board separate from the city. For example, having the city own the building, but that we have a separate entity from the city and separate from the park and recreation board so that funds and resources are not lumped all together.

She discussed that Eagan started out as a board, then moved to the park and recreation, and now the program is in trouble because of that move. Bloomington has a separate board from the city and park and rec. However, Edina Arts is part of the Edina park and rec and it is successful. In the near future, the city of Savage is going to take over the space that the Savage arts council occupies and then lease it to the arts council.

She discussed the following topics:
  • Art Crawl, October 6th, 2012. Combines business owners with artists and hopefully produce money for both the business and the artist.
  • Minnesota River Arts Fair at The Landing (Three River Parks) – outdoor juried arts fair July 28-29, 2012 (fundraiser for their council) Booth fees and artists fees go back into the promotion. Half of the proceeds for refreshments go to the part, half to the council.
  • Invitation for us to participate: 10x10 booth to promote our Fire Station project
The first two years of the art council in Savage, the city was their fiscal agent. She suggests that we need to produce a non-profit for our group.

4. Discussed the Shakopee Rotary is taking donation requests, but we will need our non-profit status to be able to receive this donation. Since we do not have our non-profit established, we probably won’t be able to receive and funds this time around. Also, we don’t have a fiscal agent yet. Will this be the city? We need to do this soon in order to start getting donations from civic groups.

5. He took a look at the building from a structural viewpoint, and not so much of the design aspect yet in order to give people a idea of what the space is and the expectations of where the building needs to be.

Changing the fire station to this type of community building will require a different “use group rating”, and this “assembly rating” creates all new code requirements. For example, sprinkling requirements, accessibility issues, toilet counts, dual use occupancy issues, fire codes, etc.

He came up with ranges of numbers to some of the bigger ticket items that will have to be addressed in terms of compliance issues. The current HVAC system is an old gas power, space heater system, but when the space is broken down into smaller places and areas within the space, we will need a specially delivered heat and cooling system for those spaces.

His figures are ranges and are based on finding “deals” with contractors in our area. We will have higher costs per square feet in the dining areas, community space, etc. Other topics he addressed are the existing restrooms not being ADA compliant, and the corridor isn’t wide enough. He suggested the need to add a main north entry, security system, taking the accessible ramp (currently not ADA compliant) apart and making it central to the whole space, possible need to level floors, possibly adding an emergency exit on the west side, stairs (24” different between high and low bays), two garage doors/store front retail space. If we are going to spend any money, it should be there for our “money shot”. Discussed new dual occupancy restroom serving high and low bays and retrofitting old entrances. He stressed the need to reign in on our friends and business contacts to give us as many deals as possible on the construction. Lighting – warehouse lighting is in existence. May need to decide on task-oriented lighting, probably taking out the doors, etc.

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