Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4/14/12 RVCA meeting notes

4/14/12 RVCA meeting
10am – 12pm in Mt.Holly

Mike wants to move to twice a month structure, at a public place. He suggested that we have these meetings and then sub-committees can branch off and have meetings either that night or different times during the week.

Tammy will check into the library as a potential meeting place. We are potentially going to meet the 2nd & 4th Monday of each month.

RVCA’s focus during the next couple of months will be the Fire Station Arts project. The goal is to have the business plan done by July 1st.

Todd suggested we need some seed money to pay for the non-profit fee (around $800) so we should consider taking membership fees from interested people in the committees and outside.

Jim from the KC Hall mentioned that Minnesota School of Business likes to help in the community. He suggested we try to display art up at the mall in the empty spaces. Todd will work with Jim in finding out a contact at the school for potential help with our project. Jim gave us some helpful suggestions on displaying art in booths at the Scott County Fair and other events. He suggested donating a piece of art work for a raffle type of fundraiser. Marty suggested selling buttons, and Mike suggested the spin art bike as other ways to generate donations. Fundraising at the KC Hall during a steak fry or turkey dinner was discussed. Mike suggested having silent auction with art and other donated items from the community during that fundraiser if we choose to do one in the future.

Marty mentioned that the Lions will be changing officers in July. This might be an opportunity in the next month to get a presentation ready and present it to the Lions Club in order to be considered for donations in their budget.

Mike reported that he will file any necessary paperwork in order to make Kathy at the Historical Society our fiscal agent. When that is completed, we can begin to accept donations. Mike also will set up a PO Box.

Mike, Jocelyn & Todd have comprised a list of necessary sub-committees for the Fire Station project.

Mike reported all the open availability for members in these committees and what the committees would be responsible for.

Scott County Art Fair and the Minnesota River Arts Fair are on the same weekend, the last weekend in July. Therefore, we will need to break out into committees to plan both events and find enough volunteers to get those booths running. River Valley Cooperative Arts will be the focus at each booth, not just the Fire Station project. We want to stress that these booths are for outreach into the community to get our name out and express what our mission is to our community, not just promote our first project. We will have information on the Fires Station project, however.

Marty offered his talents to make a real-life rendition of the fire station for these booths.

Jim suggested looking at the Crafters Report for ideas. He also mentioned that the Shakopee Central Processing Center offers at-cost copies for non-profits. Other members suggested we also might be able to find donated services by printers in the community and possibly promotional items too as giveaways (pens, pencil, stickers, etc).

Another idea for River Valley Cooperative Arts is mentorship in the schools, especially high schools in the area.

Priorities before the next meeting:
  • Logo – Franklin
  • Mission Statement, Articles of Incorporation ~ Mike, Jocelyn, Todd
  • Scout County Fair Booth – Tammy (Jim suggested figuring out man hours it’s going to take to man it. 10am to 10pm depending on what we intend to use it for)
  • The Landing Art Festival ~ Jason & Tammy
  • Checking Account – Mike, Todd
  • PO Box, fiscal agent paperwork ~ Mike
  • Reserving our name & URL ~ Mike, Tammy
  • Next meeting dates ~ TBD & Tammy finding location

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  1. I work at an art center in rural MN, and do a lot of community fairs/booths and such. I find the most success typically comes when there is an interactive component - specifically for kids. I might suggest having a black and white coloring page - maybe with a version of the logo - maybe with a phrase like, "Art is Hot" or "I love art" or something on it. You could go a step further and take pictures of the artists with their finished art pieces for the web site (this would require a permission slip, which could also be a nifty way to get contact information for an email list). You could let the kids take their finished art pieces, or save them for an exhibition (that they'd be invited to attend).